CAMHS Stories

CAMHS has helped me tremendously. They are all so kind and welcoming which lessened the daunting feeling of trying therapy for the first time! They’ve helped me with my Self-harming and suicidal thoughts which I have struggled with for a few years now, by giving advice on how to control the urges and to talk when I am having thoughts like that. CAMHS has also helped with my skills to calm my anxiety!

- Young Person

Q. How did feel when you were referred to HYM?

The doctor from Tameside hospital referred me because I was having severe chest pains. After many tests, the doctor put it down to my anxiety. 

I didn't get accepted into HYM from the first hospital referral and was sad and scared because of my chest pains. After the hospital referred me for a second time I was accepted it took a long time.  Getting into CAMHS is hard but I was lucky. When I found out I had been accepted I was relieved and happy.

 Q. How did you feel when you went there?

The first time I visited CAMHS I met my first caseworker. I was really anxious and scared and felt uncomfortable but she was kind and welcoming. 

She asked a lot of questions to see if CAMHS was the right place for me and agreed it was and said it sounds like I do have a social anxiety disorder. She took notes on family history and suggested we looked into a few things. 

Q. How useful was it?

I am still under CAMHS but they have been very useful although am still struggling with my mental health CAMHS has helped me a lot. Because of CAMHS, I know my chest pains are from social anxiety disorder as well as some OCD. I am currently on the ADHD and ASD pathways. I am also now on medication to help with my anxiety which has helped me loads although I still have a long way to go. I am working and trying my hardest with my doctor at CAMHS. The workers are kind. If you struggle with your self-image like me please don't hurt yourself. One thing that helped me with self-harm is seeking comfort from my cat and talking to someone. If you are struggling please seek out help and find an outlet like a hobby. Always let your CAMHS worker know how you feeling. They are there to help.


Q&A with a young person